Watch how one man is working tirelessly to save the world’s corals

Dr David Vaughan is trying to reverse the decline of corals before it’s too late

In the video below Dr David Vaughan tells how he – totally by accident – made an incredibly important discovery. 

Source: The Atlantic

Dr David Vaughan works on the Florida Reef Tract, the third largest coral reef in the world. It’s crucial for sustaining marine life. Vaughan and a team at the Mote Tropical Research Laboratory are trying to work out ways to prevent the devastating consequences of the 25 to 40 percent decline in coral under the sea. Due to rising sea temperatures, and increasing acidification of the water, corals are fast dying out. 

Vaughan has developed a technique called “microfragmenting” that allows corals to grow 25 times as fast as they would normally, and hopefully will help restore the dwindling coral population. 

Vaughan is confident that the crisis hasn’t gone too far. With support from governments and the public, he sees no reason why they can’t restore all the coral that has disappeared. 

Scientist of Mote Marine Lab working with Coral Source: Facebook Mote Marine Lab

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