Tribute to Banksy, the Robin Hood of art

He’s probably the most famous, anonymous celeb alive. A brilliant artist, worth celebrating.

We totally admire the amazing work Banksy does, so we made this video tribute. Watch it below.

Tribute to Banksy, the Robin Hood of art Source: Facebook Bright Vibes

Rumour has it he is from Bristol. He could be an individual… or maybe a collective. Who ever he is, we know he travels the world, considers any wall as a canvas to tell a story, provoke people and inspire change.

Children swinging from a watchtower in Gaza. By Banksy

Children swinging from a watchtower in Gaza. By Banksy Source: Giphy

He makes graffiti, huge installations and his work has been exhibited at leading museums.  He is also wanted by the police in several countries for ‘destroying’ public property.

What do you think? Is he really a criminal?

Banksy's view on Tuk Tuk tourism

Banksy’s view on Tuk Tuk tourism Source: ABBH Tumblr

The artist is covered in mystery. But we would definitely not label him as a criminal. He is a leading artist, fighting for the rights of mainly the oppressed.

Below a brief (far from complete) overview of his work. We hope you like it as much as we do 🙂

Against animal abuse

In this video we see a truck with stuffed animals that drives through the city. A haunting and disturbing form of protest against animal abuse.

Sirens of the lambsSource: Youtube Banksy NY

Fake Banksy

In the video below you see how Banksy gets to sell his works through a man selling his original work on the street at the low price of $60 per piece. Way below market value. Guess what; the man only sold 3 paintings in 7 hours.

The next week, another man did something similar. However, he sold replicas and buyers even got a certification stating the paintings are fake. But sales of these replicas went really well, at the same price of the original paintings the week before.

Banksy’s intentions were to show that the art market prices are just ridiculous. He surely made his point.

Fake BanksySource: Youtube

The two video above show work of his when he was in NY. In the same month of October 2013, he also uploaded the video underneath with which he seems to be agitating against the war.

Watch the video below till the end. It is very funny how he mocks the war.

Shooting down a ...Source: Banksy NY

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