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This Spanish Taxi Driver Receives Standing Ovation For Taking Patients To Hospital For Free

A taxi driver receives a tribute in the center of Madrid from all the hospital staff for his contribution of driving people with COVID-19 without charging them money.

A Big Round of Applause

A Madrid taxi driver thought he was going to collect a patient from the hospital to take to their home, however, he had no idea that all the doctors and nurses were going to receive him with a round of applause. Additionally, he received an envelope with cash in order to thank him for taking every patient to the hospital without charging a fare. 

Dozens of doctos were standing at the entrance of the Ramón y Cajal health center in Alcorcón. 

The driver also received the results from the COVID-19 test that he took, resulting in negative. 

Source: The Independent

The applauseSource: AS

The Taxi Drivers are also Heroes

In Spain, many of the taxi companies’ profits have decreased by 80 percent, according to local news. The Professional Taxi Federation of Madrid estimated that at least 75,000 drivers have driven patients home or to hospitals with coronavirus during the first month of the lockdown without charging them any money, stated El País. 

Source: El País. 

Ramón y Cajal Hospital Source: Comunidad de Madrid

In Spain the Situation Seems to Improve

Spain is right now one of the countries performing a lockdown due to their high numbers of people infected by the coronavirus. However, numbers are starting to slow down. On Sunday, the country saw the lowest number daily deaths since 22 March. 

Source: The Independent. 

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