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The CliniClowns can put a smile on sick kids’ faces… without even being in the room!

Thanks to the CliniClowns app, many more children have access to time, and thus laughter, with a CliniClown.

When the cliniclowns aren’t able to reach you in person, they can do their amazing jobs via this new app. Watch the video below.

Humour as medicine for sick kids. Thanks to the CliniClowns App sick kids can have interactive video sessions with clowns. Wherever they are! Source: BrightVibes

A little medicine called humour

CliniClowns have been making sick kids laugh and have provided them with an escape from their sickness since 1992. In 2016 they’ve gone digital and are thus able to reach many more children, making them laugh and smile, wherever they are. A global first!

Together with Awful Men and UX Kids, Greenberry designed this app that makes it possible to be entertained by a CliniClown, no matter where they are.

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Laughter in any place

There are about half a million chronically ill children in the Netherlands and because the CliniClowns can’t be everywhere in person, this CliniClowns app was designed to bring them to the kids digitally. This way the clowns don’t have to come to the hospital, or they can entertain the kids at home.

The app lets children chat and webcam with the clowns, but it doesn’t stop there! There’s a daily live theatershow they can watch and they have access to digital exclusive videos and the kids can chat with each other.

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A digital addition

“With this application, we can reach any room, bed or bus. How special is that? Of course digital play is different from the entertainment in the hospitals themselves as you’re both bound by a screen. But our CliniClowns know just how to handle that. A clown improvises and plays with the child; that can be done digitally as well. Though it’s never a replacement of live play, it’s a great addition.” Winfred den Hoed – online artistic projectdirectorat CliniClowns.

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CliniClowns Netherlands

Inspired by Patch Adams and Big Apple Circusclown Michael Christensen, Dutch doctor Tom Voüte founded the CliniClowns in the Netherlands in 1992. It started with two clowns entertaining kids in a children’s hospital in Amsterdam. Now, 25 years later, over 70 clowns visit over a 100 hospitals, and new clowns are trained every day.

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