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Teacher invents a brilliant High-Five machine to start the day with a big fat smile

Meester bedenkt de High-Five machine
Source: High five machine

They used to greet their teacher with a high-five every morning. But now, in corona time, of course, they can’t. That’s where master Hans came up with something: the high-five machine.

Essential start

This nice moment to start the day was actually indispensable, everyone thought. And so masters Hans and Mark thought of another way. A wooden device with a fake hand on it, with which the children could still greet the master. The fake hand gives a high five when the child kicks the pedal.

Source: Kidsweek

Source: Editie NL
Teacher Hans comes up with the High-Five machine They used to greet their master with a high-five every morning. But now, in corona time, of course, they can't. That's where Master Hans came up with something: the high-five machine. Source:

Coronaproof greetings

Hans and Mark’s group 5 class is used to starting and ending the day with a handshake or high five from the teachers. But since the one-half meter rule that’s not possible anymore.

"I expected to miss that moment of contact with the children, so I thought of another way to maintain it. That’s how the idea for the high five machine came about," says Hans (48). 
The device works as follows: the child kicks his or her foot on a pedal and then a fake hand comes up to the teacher, who he or she gives a high five. "Completely coronaproof," says Hans. "That way we can start the day with a smile."

Bron: RTL

Handy father-in-law

The credits for making the machine go to Hans’ father-in-law. "I said to him, I have a challenge for you. I presented him with the plan, without having a concrete idea of what the machine should look like. Well, after three days, the high five machine was painted and it was in the classroom."


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