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Syrian refugee saves life of drowning person in Amsterdam and he’s so grateful

The gratitude of this Syrian life saver will give you goose bumps.

Muhssen Alwais is a Syrian refugee who fled his country 1.5 years ago and he’s a real life hero, saving the life of a drowning person in Amsterdam! Watch the video below.

Syrian hero in Amsterdam Muhssen Alwais who fled Syria on a small boat with 40 others, knows the dangers of the water more than anyone else. Still he didn’t doubt for a second to jump in the freezing water to save a strangers’ life. Source: BrightVibes/YouTube
For sure that the person who's life he saved, will be very grateful. But it is the hero Muhssen who shows a remarkable gratitude.
Muhssen Alwais For sure that the person who’s life he saved, will be very grateful. But it is the hero Muhssen who shows a remarkable gratitude. Source: Facebook Mohsen

‘Just a small thing in return”

As Muhssen puts it:

‘Your humanity just crosses your mind and you need to help somebody. And especially in the Netherlands. They have done a lot for me. The government, the King, the Queen, the Dutch people. They are smiling in our faces every day, helping us. It’s just a small thing in return."

Help this hero find a decent job

Via Facebook we have come into contact with Muhssen. He is a very nice, well educated young man. He’s got a permit to stay and work in the Netherlands but he has not found a decent job yet. He studied Medical Electronics Engineering and he is looking for a job as a biomedical engineer. This is a specialisation in maintanance and installing the instrumentation in hospitals.

Let’s reward this hero by helping him find a job in his area of expertise. If you can help him in any way, please send an email to and we can put you into contact with him. Thanks a million for your help!

People like you and me

Of course people from Syria or from anywhere else, are just humans. Like you and me. Some are heroes, some blend in, others are awesome, happy, sad, some may be less kind. Again, like you and me. 

But in these times where some politicians and media do not shy away from polarisation, it’s really important we celebrate these heroes to create a more balanced picture. 

5 practical tips

Five great tips on how you can provide help to refugees.

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