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Stand for Strays recycles billboards, providing homeless dogs in Thailand shelter in extreme weather

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Better Society

Homeless dogs get shelter from recycled billboards in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital city. The furry animals are exposed to harsh climate conditions like extreme heat and heavy rains. The shelters create a dry place for street dogs to sleep.

In Bangkok alone there are around 200,000 street dogs. The animals are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Stand for Strays created easily unfoldable platforms where dogs can find shelter.

Thailand’s street dogs 

There are many homeless dogs in Thailand. In Bangkok alone, there are around 200,000 stray dogs. More and more people and projects We earlier covered one example in this BrightVibes article. about former Michelin star chef Niall Harbison, who now is an activist that tries to help 10,000 puppies a month. care for street dogs in Thailand.

Another project is Stand for Strays, that’s aiming to fight the ever-growing dog population issue in Thailand. Doctorate student from Bangkok’s suburb Pak Kret reached out to Stand for Strays to provide street dogs with shelter from the heavy heat and rains. Their solution is simple: they created functional shelters made from billboards that otherwise would be destined for the trash.

The recycled billboards lie flat on the walls, so the pre-existing urban landscape is kept almost unaltered. In this way the stands can be placed anywhere around the city.

How it works

The recycled billboards are simple constructions that can be set anywhere in the city, as they lie flat on the walls. In this way the pre-existing urban landscape is kept almost unaltered. Though the addition to the walls changed a lot for the countless strays of Bangkok. The platform provides them with a safe, hygienic and dry place to sleep. It also allows for food to be placed in the shelter, as neighbors and volunteers often feed the dogs.

Stand for Strays presents simple instructions on the font for passers-by. The panels can be easily unfolded by people when they see a stray dog wandering the area. The dogs seem to love the stands and can sleep more safe and soundly.


Make an Impact

Things you can do to help stray animals

Here you can find five tips on what you can do to help stray dogs or other homeless animals.

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