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St. Rocco has nothing on this amazing vet and her selfless deeds!

This young veterinarian gave up her life in the UK to help stray dogs in Sri Lanka.

28 Year old Janey Lowes moved to Sri Lanka to care for wounded and sick dogs. Watch the video below.

When Janey Lowes went backpacking in Sri Lanka, she was shocked by the sheer number of badly injured stray dogs she encountered. And so she did something not every young successful vet would do; she gave up her life in the United Kingdom to set up a charity tohelp the dogs.

Janey operating on a dog.
Janey operating on a dog. Source: The Northern Echo

On a daily basis, Janey and her team get into tuktuks (a simple form of transportation) and drive around, looking for injured dogs.

Sri Lanka counts about 3 million stray dogs and Janey tries to save the hurt ones with simple medical supplies and equipment, and with great success!

In 2016 they’ve vaccinated 1600 against rabies and neutered 1200 dogs.

Between four vets, they neuter about 250 dogs a day, and the results show: They come across less and less stray puppies on the streets.

The dogs are often suffering from mange, ticks, rabies and even machete wounds. But a large amount of dogs are also suffering from wounds they got by being hit by cars.

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She spent about 18 months doing her work before she ran out of money, because she doesn’t earn anything with the help she provides. So she returned to the UK to work there to save up to be able to go back as soon as possible.

It’s all worth it to her, because she loves the animals and helping them gives her an amazing sense of fulfillment, enjoyment and satisfaction.

"It’s been a lot harder than I thought because there’s no help out there but I have learnt so much!"

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Janey is opening a clinic in Sri Lanka to better help the dogs.

“We hope it might have a snowball effect and other veterinary practices in this country might get involved to tackle what is a major problem."

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