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Rob Greenfield; adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian, and dude making a difference.

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His purpose is very simple: “to create a happier, healthier existence for all humans, creatures, and plants that I share this Earth with including myself.”

Rob Greenfield strives to live a lifestyle that is beneficiary to all. His environmental activism has changed the lives of many. Through experiental campaigns, Rob offers a different way of looking at environmental problems, but more important, in that, he also offers solutions.

Source: Brightvibes

Around his midtwenties, Rob became aware of environmental andsocial issues and started making changes to his lifestyle.

He realized he was contributing to these problems in his dailylife by the food he was eating, the stuff he was buying and the car he wasdriving, so he started out making changes like reducing his trash, shoppinglocal and using reusable bags and water bottles.

He then went on to bigger changes such as decreasing hisdependency on money and getting rid of his car. Slowly but surely, Robtransformed into a dude making a difference.

Rob cuts his driver’s license and writes on Facebook: “Goodbye driver’s license. I do not need you anymore. This is one more step away from fossil fuel powered vehicles. It is one more step away from a self-centered life. It is one of many steps away from dependency on money. Each day I am taking actions to live more environmentally friendly and share resources with others.” Source: Facebook Rob Greenfield

The Teeny Greeny Lifestyle

When zero-ing down, Rob eventually started to live the Teeny Greeny lifestyle:  he lived in a 50 square foot tiny house on all natural resources. 

He grew his own food and lived on rainwater that he collected (with just 2 liters a day!) He got his energy from using solar panels and he created near zero waste by composting. He also composts…humanure…

After living there for about two years, he auctioned the house and used the money to build 10 more tiny homes  for the homeless in San Diego.

Rob with his Tiny House
Rob with his Tiny House Source: YouTube

Rob has undertaken many different campaigns and adventures to show and share how he makes changes and to raise awareness for a more conscious way of living and ways of shiting towards a more environmental friendly world.

From the Food Waste Fiasco, to not showering for a year, to Trash Me to the Free Ride; many of his campaigns have been caught on camera and the Free Ride was a video series aired on Discovery Channel. 

Trash me

One of his more well known projects involved him consuming the same amount as an average American…

But he then wore the trash he accumulated over a period of 30 days. He did this to raise awareness for the amount of trash we produce and to show that we all have the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude. By keeping it on his body, he made visual how much 30 days worth of trash actually is.

Actually; the average American creates about 4.5 pounds of trash a day, times thirty… Rob had accumulated and wore 135 pounds of trash at the end of his campaign!

Rob Greenfield wears his 'trashsuit.'
Trash Me Rob Greenfield wears his ‘trashsuit.’ Source: Catersnews

The Food Waste Fiasco

"You may have already heard a few appalling facts about food waste but just in case you haven’t, here are a few tidbits of information to catch you up on the issue.
-We throw away 165 billion dollars worth of food per year in America. That’s more than the budgets for America’s national parks, public libraries, federal prisons, veteran’s health care, the FBI, and the FDA combined.

-About 50 million of our 317 million Americans are food insecure yet we produce enough food to feed over 500 million Americans.
-To create just the amount of food that ends up in the landfills we waste enough water to meet the domestic water needs of every American citizen.

Even with these mind-blowing statistics you probably still need to see it to believe it. That is where I come in."

Rob’s campaign strives to end food waste and hunger in the U.S. He showed the ridiculous amount of food we throw away by dumpster diving.

He rode his bike across America twice, living on food found in grocery store dumpsters. On his first ride he consumed over 280 pounds of food found in dumpsters. He documented al lot of his dumpster diving to visually explain the insane amount of food grocery stores throw away.

Rob Greenfield with some of the 'waste' (perfectly good food!) he got by dumpster diving
Rob Greenfield with some of the ‘waste’ (perfectly good food!) he got by dumpster diving Source: Website Rob Greenfield

His campaigns have grown in popularity and as said have been featured on dozens of media outlets. He donates 100% of his media income to grassroots nonprofit organizations! On his website you can read to which groups he donates and what sort of activism he does abroad.

Rob is currently traveling the USA in the service of others. He has already crossed the states twice before on his bamboo bicycle to spread his message of sustainability and earth-friendly living.

With him he takes the product of his downsizing;  his only 111 possessions, which all fit into his backpack.

My hope is that this journey willinspire you to examine your relationship with the earth’s resources."

Rob displaying all his wordly possessions!
Rob displaying all his wordly possessions! Source: Website Rob Greenfield
Make an Impact

Do It Yourself Activism

Rob's campaigns teach us about different ways of living, but if you want to do more, find out on his website how you can start your own campagin.