Restoring the Earth: How John D Liu’s Dream Inspired a Global Movement to Restore Ecosystems

Restoring the Earth has become a critical issue for human civilization, and it was John D Liu’s dream that inspired a global movement to restore ecosystems.

We had the pleasure of interviewing John D Liu, the filmmaker, journalist, and ecologist who has dedicated his life to restoring the earth and inspiring others to join his movement. Liu’s passion and expertise have made him a leading voice in the fight against climate change and the restoration of ecosystems.

If restoring the earth becomes the central intention of human civilization, there’s no way we can fail. – John D. Liu

John believes that we have a responsibility to understand how critical this period is for human civilization, and that we need to take action now before it’s too late.

Choosing Earth Over Mars: Liu’s Stance on Planetary Priorities

As Liu puts it, “Those people who want to take a rocket to Mars, you know, they should go, you know, as quickly as possible. And if they think staying in a titanium tube is better than Earth and drinking their own urine, well, you know, go for it.” For Liu, the priority is restoring our planet and creating a sustainable future, rather than looking for other places to live.

Dreaming of a Greener World

Liu witnessed the spectacular regeneration of the degraded Loess plateau in China and was inspired to become an expert in ecological restoration.

Source: Ecosystem Restoration Camps

He spent a lot of time in Africa, where he saw the devastating effects of climate change firsthand. He started having dreams of people going camping and restoring the earth, and he wrote about it in an essay that was published in Permaculture magazine. When it was published, tens of thousands of people started to react, saying, “That’s what we want.”

A Global Movement

Restoration is not culturally specific, and Liu’s dream has become a reality. He started the Ecosystem Restoration Camps’ movement about five and a half years ago, and it has since spread to six continents.

People from different social and cultural contexts have joined the cause, and the movement has grown exponentially. From one camp in Spain to over 50 camps around the world, people are coming together to restore the earth. Liu told us he is amazed at the impact the movement has had and how it has brought people from all over the world together.

Harmony with Nature

In the words of John D. Liu, “Restoring the earth is not just about planting trees and cleaning up the environment; it’s about achieving harmony with nature. When you have poverty, hunger, and social disruptions, you really need harmony. And it’s this kind of harmony that where everything is interacting with everything else and the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts.”

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Whole greater than sum of its parts

According to John D. Liu, restoring the Earth is not only crucial for the planet, but it’s also crucial for ourselves. By working towards restoring the Earth, we create an environment where everything interacts with everything else, and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This creates a harmonious world where poverty, hunger, and social disruptions can be minimized.

Join the Restoration Movement

So, let’s join this movement and become a part of something bigger than ourselves. Let’s restore the Earth and create a better future for ourselves and the generations to come. John D. Liu believes that we all have a responsibility to understand the critical importance of this moment for human civilization. Therefore, we must take action and work towards restoring the Earth. Say yes to restoring the Earth, and let’s get started!

If you’re looking for more examples about stunning landscape restoration, check out this BrightVibes article about how one man transformed 500 hectares of degraded land in Brazil into a bountiful food forest.


Join the powerful movement to restore the ecosystems of the Earth.

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