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Nursing home residents and carers recreate classic album covers

Sydmar Lodge Care Home has been in lockdown for four months, and to alleviate boredom, residents and carers have been recreating some of the most classic album covers of all time.

Care Home Residents Recreate Classic Album Covers

A nursing home in Edgware, England, has come up with a unique way to help residents spent their time during the COVID-19 pandemic while the U.K. has spent months in lockdown. Robert Speker, Sydmar Lodge Care Home‘s entertainment manager, encouraged the residents to undertake a challenge: to recreate some of the most classic album covers of all time. The albums range from glitter rock (a woman with colourful zig-zag face paint mimic’s David Bowie’s 1973 Aladdin Sane) to 1980s classics (Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA) to more recent pop (Adele’s 21 is recast with a woman named Vera as 93). Taylor Swift’s 1989 album gets re-imagined as 1922. Resident Sheila Solomons smashes her cane just as the bassist of The Clash smashes his microphone stand on the cover of London Calling. Speker shared the series of 12 photos on Twitter.

1. Adele 21 Source: Twitter/robertspeker
2. Taylor Swift Source: Twitter/robertspeker
3. Bruce Springsteen Source: Twitter/robertspeker
4. Queen Source: Twitter/robertspeker
5. Elvis Presley Source: Twitter/robertspeker
6. The Clash Source: Twitter/robertspeker
7. Michael Jackson Source: Twitter/robertspeker
8. Johnny Cash Source: Twitter/robertspeker
9. Madonna Source: Twitter/robertspeker
10. David Bowie Source: Twitter/robertspeker
11. Rag ‘n’ Bone Man Source: Twitter/robertspeker
12. Blink-182 Source: Twitter/robertspeker

How have you been entertaining yourself during lockdown?

The project was the brainchild of the home’s entertainment manager Robert Speker, who was looking for ways to keep everyone’s spirits up after 4 months of lockdown. Seniors, as we all know, are a high risk group for COVID-19, so keeping them safe is paramount. And that’s not the only activity Speker had for the residents. Musicians and performers gave concerts just outside the glass doors of the living areas. They also filmed some quarantine challenge videos. Even after all these months, there’s still some fun to be had in quarantine after all.

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