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North Sea Power Hub: the futuristic project that will create a wind farm in the sea

Not everyone knows how many different renewable energy options there actually are. For example, did you know that there are entire islands dedicated to harvesting wind power? The North Sea Power Hub is a futuristic project that will create a wind farm in the ocean.

Wind Fram Islands

The islands are strategically chosen (or built for the actual purpose) and collect the wind that blows through the region. These islands have come to be known as “wind farms”, and can generate an impressive amount of energy. One of the most anticipated projects is the construction of a windfarm in the North Sea.

An Energy pump for Northern Europe

The upcoming North Sea Power Hub is said to be able to produce 30 GW of electricity, and serve up to 80 million people spaced out among 6 different countries. The island would be completely artificial, and the exact location has already been decided; Dogger Bank located at 125 kilometers from the coast of East Yorkshire, England. The location is in the North Sea and situated approximately between Norway, Great Britain, and Holland.

The plan for the size of the island is for it to be six-kilometer-square. The dimension is so that the island can host both the power plant, as well as the logistical and operational structures that would serve to operate the wind farm. The aim is to build an island that would not need maintenance ships, but rather collect the energy it produces, and ship them out to the destined places. The island would practically become an energy pump for the whole of Northern Europe.

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Energy from Mother Nature

The company that is leading the project is the Dutch-German energy company found in Denmark, known as the TenneT and Energinet of Denmark. Already an impressive project on its own, the TenneT and Energinet is also already thinking of the possible expansions after the NorthSea Power Hub is built. In fact, one of the main thoughts is going from one single island, to an actual archipelago. The archipelago would not be built too far from the coast, but far enough so that they would then be able to collect the wind power generated by the violent winds that are common in that region.With the archipelago, the energy generated could reach 100 GW.

An important project that could revolutionize the renewable energy sector, the island is set to be completed by 2027, making the idea of the archipelago a little more abstract. Because the islands are being built from scratch, tons of materials have to be brought there. Not to mention, the need to build ramparts to protect the windmill farm from the violent storms that often occur in the North Sea.

Nevertheless, the project is set to happen, meaning that by 2027 there will be 30 GW of electricity produced thanks to Mother Nature, and not man.

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