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Keanu Reeves adventure with fellow air passengers when they all got stranded

We have another amazing Keanu Reeves story for you, this time about his adventure with fellow air passengers when they all got stranded.

Keanu and fellow passengers excellent adventure in Bakersfield

Picture the scene: you’re flying along on a short flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles when suddenly your plane has to make an emergency landing—in Bakersfield, California.

Now imagine that famous actor and all-round good guy Keanu Reeves just happened to be on that flight. There he is in the Bakersfield airport, chatting with the other passengers and taking charge of helping everyone figure out how to get the 100 miles to L.A.

Keanu flight & Bakersfield airport emergency landing adventure 23 march 2019Source: YouTube/Catharine1967

A Bogus journey in Bakersfield made better by Keanu Reeves personality

Some passengers who were aboard the United flight that was diverted to Bakersfield shared videos of Reeves talking about their options for taking a bus to L.A.

Cartoonist Brian Rea shared some video on his Instagram, while others shared clips on Twitter.

In one clip, Reeves helped everyone figure out the bus and baggage situation. In another clip, he can be seen in a vehicle reading out facts about Bakersfield to fellow passengers. “It’s population is around three hundred and eighty thousand,” Reeves says in the video, “making it the ninth most populous city in California, and the fifty-second most populous city in the nation.”

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Keanu Reeves and His Motivational StorySource: Facebook/BrightVibes
How can anyone not like this guy? He's also been spotted on the New York subway, and was once surreptitiously recorded giving up his seat for a stranger. Seriously. Source: YouTube/AldiGunoFelianto

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This story was first published on BrightVibes on 8 April 2019.

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