James Warren from Denver makes benches for people to sit down at the bus stops

When James Warren walked past a bus stop in his area, he saw a woman waiting for the bus, sitting in the dirt. He thinks that people don’t have to sit in the dirt when taking public transport. Now James is on a mission of kindness to help his community.


9,000 bus stops but a bench ain’t there 

There are over 9,000 bus stops in Denver, Colorado. Almost none of them has a seating or sidewalk to sit down while waiting. People who take the bus can only sit down in the dirt. “Undignified” says James Warren about this situation. While he can’t change how the city allocates its budget towards resources for bus stops amenities, he can build benches. It started off with only one bench, but now James already created 9 benches that he put at local bus stops.



A lot of people use the hand-craft benches that James made, which makes him happy.

“When I see it being used, it just fills me with joy. I love to see it. That’s sort of the energy that keeps me going forward.” Now his initiative also got some public attention, other locals reach out to James to donate wood or to help him build benches. He also got in contact with city officials with whom he talks about improving the bus stop amenities. “There’s a genuine interest,” he says.

You can tell that his mission gets supported by the community. That’s his drive to keep on doing this. James: “What inspires me to keep going and in my daily life is community. People coming together and advocating for one another, toward the brighter future that we want in our city. That inspires me and it’s something that I’m so happy to be a part of.”

Source: James Warren

Message of kindness

Though every bench he builds is unique, James puts the same message of all of them: be kind. He inscribes or writes those two little words on every bench, just a reminder to be a little bit kinder in our everyday life. “We can change people’s lives just in a small, but meaningful way. Just by extending a little bit of kindness.”



Help your local community

Have you noticed someone in your local community who needs help? Don't hesitate and try to help them. Even the smallest act of kindness can make someone's day and can make their life easier.

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