How Oatly Bent Paris Ad Rules with Their Hilariously Brilliant Viral Mural

Explore how Oatly bent the strict advertising rules of Paris with their latest ingenious viral mural, sparking laughter and debate by blurring the lines between art and advertising in a uniquely captivating way. Watch the video below and judge for yourself.

Oatly’s Witty Take on Parisian Art Norms

Paris, the city of lights, love, and… murals? Yes, you heard that right! Oatly, the oat drink brand, has jumped onto the mural scene in Paris, but with a twist that’s as creative as it is comical. In a city where advertising on murals must be more art than ad, Oatly has embraced this with a cheeky flair that’s sure to turn heads and raise smiles.

Art, Advertising, or Both?

So, what did Oatly do? They went all-in on the art scene, minus the traditional logos and product images. Instead, they created a mural that’s a mishmash of art movements, from Dadaist readymade to Pop-art, modern graffiti, and even moving sculptures. But here’s the kicker – they turned it all into an ad! Yes, an ad without the usual branding splashed across it. It’s like a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, but artsier.

The Art Historian’s Take

And just to be sure they hit the mark, Oatly brought in an art historian with a master’s degree to give their work a once-over. The verdict? They managed to blend almost every late modernism movement into what can only be described as a “sacrilegious joke” to sell their oat drink. In their words, “It can only be described as a form of art, I guess.”

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