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Inspirational crowd-funding campaign goes national

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Lolly Galvin shows how simple acts of kindness can make a big difference.

Beauty in all of us

Inspirational American Lolly Galvin is currently touring the US handing out ‘dignity bags’ to homeless people as part of non-profit organisation she founded, The Dignity Project

Lolly spoke to us about one of the many memorable encounters she had with people living on the streets. There is beauty in all of us, and Lolly’s poignant story reminds us to always look for the best in our fellow man. Watch the video below.

Heartwarming encounter with homeless woman Because once in a while we all need to be reminded of our beauty. Source: Facebook BrightVibes
Lolly Galvin
Spreading the love Lolly Galvin Source: Facebook

From small beginnings…

Earlier this year, Lolly set up a crowd-funding project, with the simple aim of raising 500 dollars to help homeless people in Philadelphia. She had no idea how important her project would become.

In just three days Lolly met her target and took a homeless man out for lunch. Her story went viral, and donations began pouring in.

With the new funds, Lolly founded The Dignity Project, a non-profit organisation that hands out ‘dignity bags’, filled with essentials such as toiletries, socks and gloves, to people living on the streets.

In action A day in the life of The Dignity Project Source: Vimeo

(Wo)man in a van

Lolly’s good work captured the hearts of the American people and, as money continued to be donated, Lolly came up with the idea of The Dignity Tour. She decided to live in a van and travel to 12 cities across the US, handing out ‘dignity bags’ and sharing her journey on social media.

Source: Facebook


With the US tour well under way, Lolly told us about just one of the stories that inspired her. In our video, she recalls an encounter with one homeless woman, Tammy.

‘One of my favorite people who calls the streets home asks me for very little. But a couple of days ago Tammy said "It might be hard this time of year, but do you think you could find me a winter scarf. It’s been cold at night." I instantly told her yes, not knowing the feat I’d taken on at this time of year.’ 

The store with the last scarf in town
Philadelphia’s last scarf The store with the last scarf in town Source: Lolly Galvin

On a mission

‘Five stores later I ended up at Uniqlo, where I practically begged a sales associate to find me a winter scarf.  I told him about my mission and he went into the back of the store to search. Twenty minutes later, he returned with the last scarf they had in the entire store.’

The Uniqlo employee who found the last scarf
Happy to help The Uniqlo employee who found the last scarf Source: Lolly Galvin
The scarf that meant so much
Found it! The scarf that meant so much Source: Lolly Galvin

Lift each other up

‘I returned the next day to give Tammy that scarf. And when she opened it up she said it was "perfect." I saw her look at that scarf like it was gold. She then said, "You know what? Today a gentlemen gave me a whole bag of new clothes." 

I told her it was because of her energy, and her light. And, it is. Her eyes welled up with tears and she said words that will stick with me for a very long time. She said "I forgot that, until you just told me." 

Sometimes people need reminders. They need to hear what they don’t feel at the moment. We are here to LIFT EACH OTHER UP and it takes so little.’

Positive reaction

The response on Lolly’s Facebook page to her story has been overwhelming. Here are just a few of the positive comments so far.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
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