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How these firefighters ? saved Mason’s birthday ? is so incredibly heart ❤️ warming

An 11-year-old with special needs was delighted when firefighters surprised him at his birthday party.

Mason’s Mom had been worried no one would come to her autistic son’s birthday party

Firefighters help save a lot of lives and are considered heroes by many, but the Spokane Valley Firefighters in Washington State rescued this 11-year-old boy’s birthday party and became his heroes for life!

The Spokane Valley Fire Department were surprise guests of honour. When his Mom asked who else he wanted to invite, Mason told her he wanted the firefighters to come. Source: Facebook/BrightVibes

The firefighters walked into the restaurant and said, “We’re here for Mason.”

Fifth-grader Mason Allen has autism and has difficulty forming relationships. Autism makes socialising or communicating with others his age a challenge. Furthermore it has been difficult for him to maintain friendships because he spent much of last year in treatment away from home. Because of this his Mom, Danielle Thomas, was worried about no one showing up to his party.

In a report for Liftable, by Cathy Cornelison, it explains– 

‘Mason bought some birthday invitations, wrote the details out on each card, sealed the envelopes, and asked his mom to take him to the Spokane Valley Fire Department. “He wanted to invite his friends at the fire station, as he remembers once them telling him that they are always his friends.” Danielle shared.’

The day before his birthday, Danielle took Mason to the fire department where he confidently delivered the invitations to his “friends.” 

“I don’t think the thought of them not coming crossed his mind, but them actually showing up did not go through my mind either,” she said.

When the big day arrived, Mason, his family, and a few cousins were all seated at Denny’s ready to celebrate Mason, when two fire trucks pulled into the parking lot. The firefighters walked into the restaurant and said, “We’re here for Mason.”

Mason was shocked and so nervous at first, because his heroes were at his birthday party. “He couldn’t believe they were really there for him,” Danielle said. They stood around the table and sang “Happy Birthday to You” to Mason. Mason was smiling from ear to ear. His birthday was turning out to be great!

Source: Liftable Main Photo: Facebook/DanielleThomas

Mason's Mom, Danielle Thomas, uploaded this clip of Mason in his new hoodie, courtesy of the Spokane Valley Fire Department. Source: Facebook/DanielleThomas

Above and beyond the call of duty…

What the Spokane Valley Fire Department displayed here was a valuable lesson in many things: community, compassion, friendship, humanity, caring, and some world-class public relations skills. Not only do they have nerves of steel, but they displayed their hearts of gold when they attended their friend Mason’s birthday party. Spokane Valley Fire Department, we salute you!

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