How these diapers relieve the world of trash!

Every year, disposable diapers cause billions of pounds of trash. But the washable diapers are making a comeback: they’re easier, cleaner and better looking than ever!

diapers 2.0

Washable diapers used to be the standard, but with convenient disposable diapers, those dirty cotton rags disappeared quickly.

But nowadays, washable diapers are a lot easier, cleaner and prettier than they used to be. But above all; they’re a LOT more sustainable than disposable diapers.

De Billenboetiek, the  “buttock boutique” is helping the washable diaper make its comeback.

The Buttock Boutique

About three years ago, Anne and Hanna started the billenboetiek. They figured out which systems they preferred, which are the most convenient and how many diapers they need on average. Based on their own experience, they knew what they could and had to provide when starting de billenboetiek en what they could tell parents about numbers, systems and benefits.

Since a couple of months they sell their diapers from a location in the Netherlands. Parents can drop by for advice and pick out diapers they like. Besides their own locations, they seel the diapers in a number of shops and offer them on their webshop.

Source: BrightVibes

washable diapers versus disposable diapers

In short: washable diapers are cheaper than disposable ones, they’re better for the environment and for the baby’s skin and they look better!

Everyone has different reasons why they make the switch to washable diapers. Some simply do it because they think the diapers look better. For the kids is better because their skin doesn’t get diaper rash nearly as much as with disposable diapers and they’re potty trained way faster; kids with washable diapers are potty trained a year faster on average than kids who wear disposable diapers.

For the parents’ wallet, washable diapers are a good idea as well: you buy a packet with 36 diapers once. This is compared to 6000 disposable ones you’d need during the same time. When you get a second baby, it really becomes a party; then you only have to pay for the biodegradable inset sheets. You can use the diapers for up to three kids!

The most important argument to make the switch to washable diapers however, is the environment. Every year disposable diapers generate 7.6 billion pounds of garbage in the U.S. alone! This is enough to stretch to the moon and back 9 times.

Source: BrightVibes

How does it work?

So how exactly do these modern washable diapers work?

Those cotton rags with safetypins of ye olden times are no longer the standard in the world of washable diapers. They’ve made way for modern ones, that are pretty and have several different clean, convenient systems.

You place a biodegradable insert sheet that catches the stool. This sheet goes into the garbage can which keeps the diaper clean-ish. To make sure you don’t have to touch anything you don’t want to, the to-be-washed diapers are placed in a bucket which has a net on the inside. Once the bucket is full, you take out the net and place it in its entirety in the washing machine. Very hygienic!

There’s several different systems of disposable diapers to accomodate everyone’s needs. There’s the system that’s totally waterproof, the system that’s the most convenient (great for when you’re dropping your baby off at the daycare!) and the inserters system.

If you’re on the go, there’s the wetbag: completely water and smellproof.

Dirty (yet relatively clean!) diapers go into this can, which contains a net.

Dirty (yet relatively clean!) diapers go into this can, which contains a net. Source: BrightVibes

The net is taken out like this and can be placed in the washing machine in its entirety. This way you don't have to touch the dirty diapers!

The net is taken out like this and can be placed in the washing machine in its entirety. This way you don’t have to touch the dirty diapers! Source: BrightVibes

over 1 million diapers saved in the Netherlands alone

The buttock boutique sells diapers to less than 3% of the Dutch inhabitants (so, 3% of 18 million people) and still they have saved over 1 million disposable diapers since they started less than 3 years ago.

Can you imagine how impactful it could be when more parents switched to washable diapers? It would surely relieve the world of a lot of unwanted trash;)

Source: BrightVibes

Switch to washables!

The buttock boutique is a selling point in the Netherlands, but they get their diapers from producers from Scotland, Poland and the U.S., so they can be found anywhere! Click the link to see where you can get your hands on a couple of these environmentally friendly, moneyfriendly ánd kidfriendly diapers.

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