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Heartwarming display of mutual appreciation ? between Dad whilst styling daughter’s hair

Imagine if we all told someone that we appreciate them today…

Kindness FTW

This display of mutual appreciation 💞 between Dad and Daughter 👨‍👧 while he styles her hair, is so sweet. 

Sometimes we may think it’s silly to say to someone we appreciate or love them, right? But why? Are we afraid it makes us look weak? Makes us more vulnerable? The latter may be true. So… it takes courage to express those feelings. It’s never a weakness to love and to be kind, also when it may not be returned. 

Just remember; it’s better to the one that smiled than the one who didn’t smile back. 

What this world now needs more than ever is love & kindness. So please, don’t hold back and express your love whenever you can. Are you in? 

Dad tells daughter he loves her so much whilst doing her hairSource: Facebook Upworthy
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