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Handmade ‘indestructible’ sandals from old motorcycle tyres

A blogger travelling in Kenya stops in local Maasasi Village where people were making robust walking shoes out of used TKC80 motorcycle tyres.

It’s amazing what can be created with simple tools and a great deal of imagination

During her recent Safari trip to both Kenya and Tanzania, travel blogger Daring Danielle visited a local Maasasi Village where people were still making walking shoes out of used TKC80 motorcycle tires. "The men spoke in Kiswahili the entire time so I was not very engaged in the conversation, but I had an incredible time. It’s amazing what can be created with simple tools and a great deal of imagination. My shoes fit perfectly and because of the material may last a few lifetimes."

Look at how this guy uses old tyres to make sandals! Old motorcycle tyres cut up to create virtually indestructible sandals are making walking in the dry conditions much more bearable. Source: Facebook/Diply

Where angels fear to tread? Not in these indestructible sandals!

If you have ever travelled through Africa or perhaps Mexico, you may well have encountered black tyre sandals similar to these. Recycled from old rubber car and motorcycle tyres, this low-cost, time-tested, readily available footwear is outstandingly durable, to the point that they are virtually indestructible under normal wear and tear conditions. 

Remember, the material the soles is made from is designed to carry the weight of a vehicle over hundreds of thousands of miles — so they are certainly capable of carrying the weight of a human being for many more miles after their original purpose is served.

In Kenya, these sandals are sold at street markets in piles and are commonly worn by the Maasai, a semi-nomadic tribe. it was there that travel blogger DaringDanielle visited a local Maasasi Village where she had a pair of sandals made for her from a used TKC80 motorcycle tyre.

Protecting the feet from injury which can lead to infection is literally a matter of life and death in poorer regions of the world. 

Below, watch the entire process as Danielle has her sandals made-to-measure in a Maasasi village.

Maasai Shoe making tutorial Kenya Africa This video was shot at the Maasai Simba Camp located near the Ambroseli Ecosystem in Kenya. Source: Youtube/DaringDanielle

Best foot forward: donate those shoes you’ll never wear again to someone who will

Sometimes people wear their shoes down until their toes are popping out and the heel is torn. But many times people get new shoes for other reasons. Whether people need non-slip shoes for work, more stylish sneakers for fun, new work boots for protection or just something in a different size, they often just leave their perfectly usable old ones in the closet to fester.

Whereas they could turn this clutter into serious good by donating those shoes to others who may be in need.

If you have never donated your old shoes before, it’s easy to start. There are a variety of organisations that will accept or collect old usable shoes to clean and donate for people in need. 

Below are links to some helpful information about some of the largest shoe donation organisations in the US and UK, so you can decide where you’ll be sending your old footwear.

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Where should you donate your old shoes? (United States)

Here’s some helpful information about some of the largest shoe donation organisations in the US.

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