Good news: 18 Positive Stories That Prove 2023 Wasn’t All Bad News

2023 sure has had its challenges, but amidst it all, we give you 18 positive stories that prove it wasn’t all bad news. Far from it! Watch the video above.

In a world inundated with gloomy headlines and distressing stories, it’s easy to forget that there are remarkable tales of resilience, progress, and hope unfolding every day. What if bad news wasn’t the only news? What if we could shift our focus to the brighter side of life? In this article, we bring you the 18 brightest stories of 2023 that deserve your attention, stories that remind us that even in challenging times, there is room for optimism and inspiration.

  1. Pangolins’ Surprise Comeback: Kenya’s giant pangolins, once thought extinct, have reemerged from the shadows, sparking global conservation efforts. This unexpected return offers hope for the planet’s most trafficked mammals. Read More
  2. Ocean’s Massive Cleanup: Boyan Slat’s The Ocean Cleanup successfully removed a staggering 8 million kg of debris from global waters, making a significant impact on marine conservation.

  3. Ecuador Chooses Amazon Over Oil: In a landmark vote, Ecuadorians decided to protect their precious Amazon rainforest, halting oil drilling for the sake of nature. Read more.
  4. Breakthrough Cancer Treatments: Promising strides in cancer research have led to new drug combinations targeting dormant breast cancer cells and potential treatments for prostate cancer, offering renewed hope to patients. Read More
  5. New Malaria Vaccine Approved: A second revolutionary malaria vaccine has received the World Health Organization’s approval, promising to combat a disease that affects millions worldwide. Read More
  6. Indonesia’s Plastic Cleanup Wave: Sungai Watch‘s community-driven efforts have removed over 1.6 million kg of plastics from Indonesian rivers, making a significant dent in the fight against pollution.

  7. Youth Shifts Dementia Dialogue: Teun Toebes, a 24-year-old, has redefined dementia care with his human-centric approach, offering dignity and connection to those living with dementia, inspiring millions worldwide. Read More
    Source: Human Forever
  8. Nature’s Legal Leap Forward: Nepal and India have granted legal personhood to natural entities, setting a powerful global precedent for the Rights of Nature movement.
  9. China’s Green Energy Shift: China’s commitment to renewable energy has resulted in a significant reduction in carbon emissions, signaling a major environmental shift. Read More
  10. Urban Farming Takes Root: Megacities like New York and Singapore are leading an urban agriculture revolution, reconnecting people with food production and greening cityscapes. Read More
  11. Arctic Reflections’ Cooling Plan: Dutch startup Arctic Reflections aims to restore Arctic ice as a heat shield by thickening it in winter, offering a creative solution to combat climate change. Read More
  12. Renewable Energy Outpaces Fossil Fuels: Investment in clean energy is skyrocketing, outpacing fossil fuel investments by a significant margin. Read More
  13. Irish Town’s Tech Timeout: The Irish town of Greystone’s initiative to limit smartphone usage for kids prioritizes real-world connections, setting a mindful precedent for future generations. Read More
  14. Amazon’s Dramatic Recovery: Brazil celebrates a 66% drop in Amazon deforestation, breathing new life into one of Earth’s most diverse ecosystems. Read More
  15. Vegan Dairy Revolution: Dutch innovation by Those Vegan Cowboys is revolutionizing dairy production, offering real cheese without the cow, with microbial fermentation and minimal environmental impact.
  16. AI Tackles Airline Emissions: Google’s AI is set to reduce the climate warming effect of airline contrails by optimizing flight paths for a cooler planet. Read More
  17. Historic Ocean Protection Treaty: The monumental UN High Seas Treaty aims to safeguard 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030, marking a new era in marine conservation. Read more
  18. 3.8 Billion New Trees: In 2023, an estimated 3.8 billion trees were planted, including 4.2 million trees by Life Terra in Europe, with the involvement of 73,000 citizens. These acts of reforestation signify a collective effort to combat climate change.

Yes, positive news deserves more attention. These good news stories serve as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, humanity can come together to make a positive impact on our planet.

This is not a reason to believe that everything is going to be fine, far from it. However, these stories serve as a powerful incentive, showcasing what can be achieved when we unite our minds and hearts in the pursuit of a sustainable, kind, just, and happy planet for all living beings.

We could have made this list way, way longer, but for those interested in a more extensive exploration, check out the 2023 overviews of the best news from FutureCrunch with 60 good news stories.

Let’s amplify these stories, inspire change, and work towards a brighter future. The world needs it.



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