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Ex Google Mo Gawdat on AI, Happiness, and the Future of Humanity – Exclusive BrightVibes Interview

In an enlightening interview with BrightVibes, Mo Gawdat, the former Chief Business Officer at Google, shares his profound insights on the evolving relationship between artificial intelligence (AI), genuine happiness, and the trajectory of human destiny. Click on the video above to watch the interview.

A Tech Luminary’s Perspective on AI and Emotion

Mo Gawdat, with his impressive tenure at Google and as the author of bestsellers like “Solve For Happy” and “Scary Smart”, stands at the unique crossroads of technology and human emotion. He believes that AI’s realm has transcended beyond mere algorithms and code, intertwining deeply with our choices, behaviors, and the essence of our humanity.

A Candid Conversation with BrightVibes

In a 2019 interview with BrightVibes, Gawdat shared his motivations behind leaving Google, a titan of the digital age. He emphasized the paramount importance of human emotions and actions over any AI program. Through this dialogue, he painted a vivid tableau of the symbiotic relationship between love, compassion, happiness, and AI. A relationship that, he believes, will chart the course of humanity’s future.

Shaping the Future: AI, Happiness, and Our Code of Conduct

As technology advances at breakneck speed, the dance between AI and human behavior becomes ever more intricate. Gawdat stresses the significance of our choices and actions, suggesting that they hold more weight than mere programming.

“It’s Not About the Code Anymore”

Mo Gawdat’s epiphany leading to his departure from Google was profound. He believes that the essence of AI has shifted from its foundational algorithms and codes to the vast data these machines process. More importantly, it’s our behavior and the values we input that truly shape AI’s trajectory.

The Power of Human Conduct

For Mo Gawdat, the future of AI is inextricably linked to human behavior. He posits that our machines will be a reflection of our values, priorities, and conduct. The synergy between love, compassion, happiness, and AI, he believes, will be the compass guiding humanity’s path forward.

The Role of Values in AI

Mo Gawdat underscores the need to instill the right values in AI. He differentiates between emotions and values, emphasizing the importance of reversing negative values like violence and greed to ensure a harmonious coexistence with AI.

Purpose and Happiness: A New Perspective

In a materialistic world, Gawdat offers a refreshing take on happiness. He suggests that genuine contentment arises not from external acquisitions but from our perceptions and reactions to life’s offerings.

Four years ago, BrightVibes released a captivating four-minute video capturing the essence of this conversation. For a deeper dive into Mo Gawdat’s thoughts and insights, we urge our viewers to watch the full interview embedded from YouTube at the top of this article or here.

You can watch the short clip we published back in july 2019, in this article.

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