Emily’s Hair: adorable 3-year-old girl donates her hair to children battling cancer

Tiny Emily James cut her hair to stop other children feeling sad and the video of her act of kindness became a sensation.

“I don’t want any kid to be sad that they have no hair.” — Emily James, 3

Three years ago, a video of a three-year-old girl cutting her long locks for cancer patients went viral. Emily James melted hearts when she got a matching haircut with her Rapunzel doll to donate to the Canadian Cancer Society.

She was excited to “share her hair”, as long as “uncle Maffew cut Dolly’s hair too.” “What I want to do is give them my hair because I have long hair. I want to cut some of it off and give it to someone,” says Emily, whose Rapunzel doll received a matching bob. Her stylist and uncle, Matthew Collins, was happy to oblige. Source: Facebook/NubsAndBumps

“I have more hair, just cut some of it off.”

“Sometimes kids get sick…. And then their hair falls out. That’s really really sad.” Says Emily James, the delighful little 3-year-old narrator and subject of a short film, made by her parents’ production company, which follows the compassionate little girl (and her doll) getting her first haircut and donating the trimmed hair to charity. The video has attracted well over 5 million views so far on YouTube, making young Emily an Internet sensation!

On their website FlyPress Films, her parents explain:

We suggested to Emily that we cut her hair off and donate her hair for wigs for cancer patients. We sat down and explained to her what cancer was, that some kids got really sick and lose all their hair, and that people can donate their hair to make wigs for these kids. We told her it had to be cut really short to get enough length from it and Emily told us she was excited to ‘share her hair’…on the condition that “uncle Maffew would cut Dolly’s hair too”.

What Emily did, that was most meaningful to us…was that Emily was willing to give something that she had a lot of, something that could be of great meaning to another person. What we hope though, is that as Emily matures she will learn to make her own selfless decisions that inspire and bring hope, even if there is a cost.

To make the transition from long hair to short hair easier on the little girl, Emily’s stylist and uncle, Matthew Collins, first cut her doll’s hair giving it the same cool bob that Emily would be getting. Then it was Emily’s turn.

For more information on the organisation Emily worked with to donate her hair, click here.

Well, now Emily is 5 years old and she has done it again! Watch below as we see the spirited little girl her cut her long tresses a second time for children battling cancer.

Source: WomenYouShouldKnow

Emily’s Hair: Second Cut When Emily was 3 she cut her hair and donated it to the Canadian Cancer Society so they can make wigs for kids with cancer. Her video went viral and this little girl made a very big impact. Emily has been growing her hair since then. Now she’s 5 and decided to cut and donate her hair again. Here’s her second cut. We hope it inspires more people to share what they have. Source: Youtube/FlyPress

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