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Elderly man motivates Berlin marathon runners with coolest dance moves.

If you were running you would probably lose your place in the run for you would join him in this dance.

Bust a move

Yes! Seeing this guy at the Berlin marathon busting his dance moves would definitely help many runners stay motivated in a race. Or not… they might stop running and join him dancing.

Elderly man cheers marathon runners with his dance moves.Source: Facebook

We just ❤ people that have so much contagious energy. So, whenever you feel like it… Don’t ever hold back and dance like nobody’s watching.

Keep your innerkid alive & kicking

We believe that a key ingredient to live a happier life, you need to become best friends with your inner child again. Watch the video below on how to keep the kid-in-you alive & kicking.

This is how to keep your innerkid alive. Source: BrightVibes

Tips to cheer others up

Great list with 22 ideas on how you can cheer somebody up.

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