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CAKE and Treesistance Join Forces to Safeguard Amazon Rainforest, Equipping Forrest Guardians with Electric Off-Road Motorcycles

In an extraordinary collaboration aimed at preserving the precious Amazon Rainforest, CAKE and Treesistance have united their efforts to empower forest guardians with electric off-road motorcycles, creating a formidable alliance for safeguarding one of the Earth’s most vital ecosystems.

The primary objective of this groundbreaking initiative is not only to protect endangered species but also to combat the rampant illegal deforestation plaguing the region.

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Addressing Urgent Environmental Challenges

Building upon its success in Africa, where it safeguarded wildlife from poaching, the Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching Initiative is embarking on a new chapter to shield the precious trees and fragile ecosystems of the Amazon rainforest. Developed as heavy-duty, solar-powered motorcycles, these quiet and fast electric vehicles will serve as a critical tool in the fight against illegal activities threatening the Amazon’s ecological balance.

Silent Guardians of the Rainforest

Illegal deforestation in the Amazon rainforest stands as one of the most urgent environmental challenges of our time. The Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching Initiative is poised to tackle this crisis head-on. By employing specially engineered electric off-road motorcycles, the initiative enables silent patrolling across the vast and remote areas of the rainforest. Unlike their traditional combustion engine counterparts, these motorcycles operate noiselessly, making them particularly effective in preventing illegal activities.

Empowering the Forest Guardians

Chief Dadá Borarí, leader of the Maró Indigenous Territory and Head of the Forest Guardians Program for Treesistance, expressed his appreciation for the partnership, emphasizing the motorcycles’ invaluable contribution to their surveillance team. He stated, “These motorcycles will become very useful for our surveillance team, which does the territorial monitoring process in defense of the forest. In addition, by using the electric motorcycles, we contribute to climate change having less of an impact on the world. On behalf of all our forest guardians, we are very happy with this partnership.”

Inspiring Environmental Activism and Support

Tom Wheeler, the Executive Director of Treesistance, echoed Chief Borarí’s sentiment, highlighting the motorcycles’ significance in providing an extra layer of security for the Forest Guardians who risk their lives during each patrol. He emphasized the importance of such collaborations in addressing existing challenges and inspiring both the public and businesses to contribute to environmental activism and the support of Indigenous peoples.

The Critical Importance of the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest, home to approximately 10% of known species on Earth, continues to reveal new wonders with a new species discovered almost every other day. With nearly 400 billion trees and the capacity of a single large tree to release over 1,000 liters of water in 24 hours, the Amazon plays a pivotal role in combating the climate crisis. Housing an estimated 150-200 billion tons of carbon, the Amazonian forests and soils are critical in preserving global biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and ensuring the well-being of local communities. However, logging and other human activities pose an imminent threat to this fragile ecosystem.

A Call to Protect and Conserve

By protecting and conserving the Amazon, the Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching Initiative aims to safeguard the global biodiversity hotspot, combat climate change, and support the livelihoods of indigenous communities. This collaborative effort between CAKE and Treesistance not only offers a glimmer of hope but also serves as a beacon for other businesses to actively engage in environmental activism and champion the rights of Indigenous peoples.

Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

The CAKE-Treesistance partnership is a testament to the power of innovation and collective action in preserving our planet’s most precious ecosystems. Together, they are setting a profound example of environmental stewardship, inspiring individuals and organizations alike to unite in the fight against deforestation and the protection of our natural heritage. The unwavering commitment to the Electric Bush Bike Anti-Poaching Initiative signifies a profound belief that a sustainable future can be realized through determined action, demonstrating that change begins with each one of us.

Learn all about Chief Dadá and Treesistance in this exclusive video interview.


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