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Awesome display of humanity: Human chain ‘saved man’s life’

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Source: YouTube/Emily Foote/Guardian

Dorset beachgoers linked arms and formed a human chain stretching into the surf to reach a stricken swimmer.

No drowning this day in Durdle Door, Dorset

When a swimmer got into trouble in choppy seas off Durdle Door beach in Dorset on the afternoon of Thursday 20 August, more than 20 random beachgoers immediately joined forces, linked arms and plunged into the surf before bringing the stricken swimmer back to shore.

Around 20 people linked arms to bring the swimmer back to shore Source: Richard Markham/BBC

“Ultimately the public have helped save that chap’s life.” Says coastguard

Beachgoers have described the moment a human chain was formed and saved a man’s life when he got into difficulty in the sea. 

Eyewitness Emily Foote said: "It became apparent that actually he was in trouble – he started waving his arms. He wasn’t panicking, but he just wasn’t able to get back to shore. And it was at that point that a lot of people started gathering and sort of forming this chain."

Ms Foote added: "Everybody on the beach was clapping at the end, so it just goes to show that it was a whole team effort."

The swimmer "managed to surf a wave and somebody managed to grab him," witness Jennie Bell said, as per the BBC"There was a chain of people stretching to the sea as much as they dared."

Lulworth coastguard said the swimmer was unhurt. Coastguard Matt Leat said: "Ultimately the public have helped save that chap’s life."

Warning of the dangers of going in the sea in windy conditions, Mr Leat said: "The sea is unforgiving, so you need to respect it. You need to look out for your friends and family, and don’t take inflatables to the beach. They may seem like a good idea but very quickly you can be blown off shore and then we’re having to deploy lifeboats, helicopters, coastguard rescue teams to rescue people."

The Jurassic Coast beach has been popular since lockdown restrictions eased.

Source: BBC

Human chain rescues man struggling in sea at Durdle Door Witnesses have described the moment people formed a human chain to rescue a man in danger in the sea at Durdle Door in Dorset. The incident happened on 20 August as large waves crashed on to the Jurassic coast. Beachgoers were unsure if he was waving or in trouble, but when it became clear he needed help they began their rescue. Source: YouTube/Emily Foote/Guardian
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