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At the sign language coffee bar, you order everything in… sign language!

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Better Society
Source: Facebook CtheCity

This initiative provides work for the hearing impaired while at the same time bringing hearing people in contact with sign language and those who speak it.

Sign Language Coffee Bar

In Amsterdam, by the river Amstel lies CtheCity; an initiative that gives people tours in the dark, by blind people. CtheCity now also has a Sign Language Coffee bar, that only employs deaf barista’s and where everything is ordered in Sign Language.

The Sign Language Coffee BarSource: Facebook BrightVibes

C The City

In the middle of Amsterdam, at CtheCity, the city’s most recognizable features are recreated in the dark. You’re being guided by a blind guide and you get to experience what it means to have every other sense stimulated.

CtheCity now has a Sign Language Coffee Bar, which only employs deaf barista’s and where everything is ordered and communicated in Sign Language. 

They’re both initiatives of the founders, Sandra and Bas who started Ctaste in 2007: Ctaste is a dining experience in the dark, with blind waiters and waitresses.

They discovered that people with a visual or hearing impairment have special talents and founded Ctalents, which trains, coaches and guides hearing and visually impaired people to a fitting job.

Currently the level om unemployment in the Netherlands for the visually and hearing impaired is at 70%, whereas the National average for hearing and seeing people is below 5%. Ctalents wants to lower this percentage to at least 20%, by starting initiatives and stimulating other businesses to start similar initiatives as well.

Make an Impact

When in Amsterdam...

Visit CtheCity or any of the affiliated initiatives. Start off with a tour in the dark, then get a cup of coffee at the Sign Language Coffee Bar and end the night with a dinner in the dark.