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Artists creates unusual street art “to make people smile”

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Source: Facebook/RudyWillingham

Artist Rudy Willingham avoids the permanence of graffiti and instead leaves removable stickers around Seattle that create funny mini-scenarios to cheer up his neighbours and passers by.

Check out one of Seattle’s most prolific producers and flamboyant DJs’ street art

Rudy Willingham is an electronic producer, DJ, and drone photographer from Seattle. In fact “One of Seattle’s most prolific producers and flamboyant DJs” – according to City Arts MagazineHis music smashes spacey synths, obscure samples, and soulful vocals into epic future-funk burritos that provide the soundtrack to his aerial films. His music has been KEXP’s ‘Song of the Day’, City Arts Magazine’s ‘Songs of the Month’, and featured on Hype Machine. And his drone work has been published by Geekwire, Seattle Met Magazine, and the Seattle Times. You can catch him throwing concerts at roller rinks, cruise boats, pools, rooftops and laser tag arenas around the Pacific Northwest. Or flying his drone high above the city. Willingham also creates sticker art around the streets of Seattle to make his neighbours smile. Follow Rudy Willingham on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram.

Here are 8 references from popular culture. Can you name all 8?
1. Name that ‘toon Here are 8 references from popular culture. Can you name all 8? Source: Facebook/DJRudyWillingham
2. Source: Facebook/DJRudyWillingham
3. Source: Facebook/DJRudyWillingham
4. Source: Facebook/DJRudyWillingham
5. Source: Facebook/DJRudyWillingham
6. Source: Facebook/DJRudyWillingham
7. Source: Facebook/DJRudyWillingham
8.. Source: Facebook/DJRudyWillingham
“I make street art to make people smile,” – Rudy Willingham Music: Lovely Day by Rocky Dawuni. Source: Facebook/StreetArtUtopia
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