Anton Damen: The ‘Plogging Man’ shows that a cleaner Netherlands is there for the taking, with his fight against plastic waste

Anton Damen, also known as the Plogging Man, demonstrates that a cleaner Netherlands is within reach by fighting plastic waste.

Anton de Plandelman: A Hero in Action

Anton Damen is a man on a mission. Every day, he goes out in his spare time to plog – walking and collecting plastic – thus positively contributing to the fight against plastic waste. His approach is simple but effective: by simply picking up three pieces of plastic a day, he is already making a huge impact. It started as a personal frustration, but has since grown into an inspiring movement with its own plogging website.

A Shift from Annoyance to Positive Energy

“I don’t get angry anymore since I started picking it up. Before that, I used to get annoyed. But the moment you pick it up, the annoyance disappears and it actually becomes something really nice,”

Anton explains. He has realised that plogging not only contributes to a cleaner environment, but also to his own well-being. What used to be a source of irritation has now become a way of doing something positive and energising. Anton has turned his frustration into action and inspires others to do the same.

A Simple Math with Big Consequences

For Anton, the penny dropped when someone pointed out a little sum of arithmetic to him. If a quarter of the Dutch population would pick up three pieces of plastic every day, the Netherlands would be clean within a week. This realisation gave Anton hope: the problem is big, but not insurmountable.Setting an example is contagious” he says. He is committed to involving as many people as possible in his mission. People from all ages and walks of life can participate, everyone is welcome. By plogging together, we can make a big difference.

Plogging: A Small Act with Big Impact

The beauty of plogging is that it is a simple and accessible activity. You don’t have to make a full-time job out of it. “Just an hour or so,” says Anton. By picking up three pieces of plastic off the street every day, you are already contributing to a cleaner environment. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and makes a difference, even if you think it is just a small action. “When you have done this, you think: oh yes, well harvested.”

Source: Facebook Plandelen

Strong together in the fight against Plastic Waste

The commitment of Anton Damen, the Plogging Man, inspires and motivates others to also take action. His message is clear: we can solve this problem together. By joining forces and creating awareness, we can make a difference. Plogging is more than just picking up plastic; it is a symbol of hope and positive change.

His inspiring efforts even led to the creation of aplogging rap!

Shared responsibility

Reducing plastic waste is a shared responsibility that certainly does not rest solely on the shoulders of consumers. Collaboration between manufacturers, retailers, government and citizens is essential to tackle plastic waste. It is a pointless discussion which of these parties bears the ultimate responsibility; we are all responsible for it. It requires a concerted effort to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment. Manufacturers and retailers should embrace responsible manufacturing and packaging practices, while the government should implement stricter regulations as they have recently done with the introduction of deposits on small PET bottles and cans. Citizens can contribute by consciously consuming and participating in initiatives such as plan shares.

On 26 August in Utrecht, Anton is organising what is to be the Netherlands’ biggest plastic waste clean-up campaign. Great if you join too (even if you don’t live in Utrecht, of course).


Let’s follow Anton’s example and strive together for a cleaner, plastic-waste-free future.

Fortunately, more and more people and organisations are taking action against litter. Watch the interview we did with Merijn Tinga, better known as ‘The Plastic Soup Surfer’ here. Thanks to Merijn and others, we now have deposits on small PET bottles and cans in the Netherlands.



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