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And the best big brother of the year award 2018 goes to…

Let’s take a moment to appreciate those big brothers everywhere who love, protect and encourage their smaller siblings.

Big brother is watching you… and loving you… and encouraging you to be your best you

A video clip showing Sarahanne Mora’s two young children playing in the yard is going viral, because the older brother is so loving and full of encouragement towards his little sister. We found some more clips of big brothers doing what big brothers do.

Brother of the year goes to this kid right here. It will melt your heart ❤️ Positivity, support and love. Sarahanne Mora’s son comforts and encourages his little sister in a heartwarming display of brotherly love. Source: Facebook/LADBible
Rockabye Baby Sister Proud mum Danielle Davis uploaded this clip to YouTube of her son, John, rocking his baby sister, Clara, while waiting on her RSV, Strep and Flu test results. Source: YouTube/DanielleDavis
Big Brother surprises Little Sister for her 15th birthday She hadn't seen her big brother in months, so on her birthday, her family wanted to get her a present she would never forget... a surprise visit from her big brother! Source: YouTube/HopeDreamBelieve

Share your clips and snaps

Being a good big brother is all about setting a good example, developing a good relationship with your younger siblings, and going the extra mile for them. If you have a picture or clip of your kids — or maybe your own big brother — doing what big brothers do, we’d love to see it. Just share them in the comments.

How to Be a Good Brother

Do you want to learn how to set a good example or improve your relationship with your siblings? Are you about to become a brother for the first time? Click for detailed instructions on how to be a good brother and set the perfect example for your siblings!

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