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8 things you can do to fight food waste

It may surprise you, but there’s plenty of food to go around… were it not that we waste about 1/3 of it! But there’s a lot you can do to minimise your own food waste.

Food waste

Food plays a huge role in our daily lives. Whether we have it abundantly, or we don’t. It also plays a huge part in global warming and deforestation: food production is the #1 reason for deforestation, and it uses most of our fresh water resources. What a waste to let those resources go to waste!

Here are 8 things you can do to fight food waste.

Three things you can do to fight food waste

Want a better world? Start with yourself! You may (unknowingly) waste a lot of food. But these things will help you make the most of the food you have.

1. Make smoothies, soups and sauces

Turn ripe fruits into delicious smoothies or shakes and turn any leftover vegetables, potatoes or meat into a soup or sauce.

2. Check your fridge

The optimal temperature of a fridge is 4 degrees Celsius. Your food won’t stay fresh for long if the temperature is higher. If you want to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh even longer, try Slowd. This product slows down the production of ethane, which causes fruits and veggies to rot, go soft or turn yellow.

3. Freeze portions

Cooking more food at once means you’ll always have a fresh meal on a busy day and you won’t be wasting extra food.

three more tips on how to stop food waste

4. Introduce a weekly leftover day

More often than not, there’s plenty of leftovers to find in your fridge from the previous days. Prepare dishes from leftovers on a specific day of the week.

5.  The expiration date is not the same as sell by date

Don’t pay too much attention to expiration dates as they identify food quality, not food safety. Many companies are so worried about potential lawsuits that the sell by date and éven the expiration date they put on the product, is far removed from the actual expiration date of the food.

6. Plan meals 

Entering the supermarktet can feel like entering a walhalla of food with all sorts of stuff you’d immediately want to buy, even though you really don’t need it. Before shopping, make a list of the ingredients each of the meals require and avoid unnecessary impulse purchases. Avoid going to the store when you’re hungry; have a light snack before you go, so you won’t feel even more tempted to buy all sort of stuff.

And two more tips!

7. Visit a recycle restaurant

 These restaurants cook dinners with leftover or unsold food from retailers. Look online for some restaurants that are near you. If you don’t feel like eating out, you can also download the app too good to go, which tells you what restaurants and businesses have food leftovers which you can then order, pay and go pick up.

8. Compost. 

Despite all efforts you might have some waste, but use it wisely. Home composting can take some of your leftovers and waste and turn them into fertile soil for your garden! This way your food waste isn’t waste at all: it’s just something else’s food;)

Too good to go

If you're a consumer and you'd like your next take-out meal to be all leftovers: download too good to go. You get plenty of food, for very low prices.<br /> If you're a businessowner and you don't want to have to throw out your food but rather sell it for very little money: sign up for too good to go as well!

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