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These models prove how the fashion industry is changing.

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These models prove how the fashion industry is changing.
Source: BrightVibes

‘Perfect’ isn’t a thing, anymore.

The standard perception of a model is someone who is tall and slim, with soft, unblemished skin and looks to match. These expectations are harmful, particularly to young girls who are raised on a certain standard of beauty that is unattainable thanks to image enhancement. 

This video shows how model Winnie Harlow (from America’s Next Top Model) has become a role model for how to be beautiful and different. 

Source: None

Nowadays, we see more and more non-standard beautiful women on the run-way and in 
front of the cameras. Below are some great examples. 
She may be in a wheelchair, but that doesn’t stop the fashion blogger and model Jillian Mercado from working. Lillian worked for Diesel in 2014, and is represented by the top model agency IMG.

Jillian Mercado Source: Instagram Jillian Mercado

She may be 84, but Carmen Dell’Orefice doesn’t let that stop her from owning the camera. 

Carmen Dell’Orefice Source: Photo Credit Lanacion

The 24-year-old Shaun Ross is the first albino male model. He is also an actor and dancer.

Shaun Ross Source: None

Debby van der Putten lost her arm when she was 19. Since then, she’s been fighting hard for more diversity in the modelling world.

Debby van Putten Source: Portfolio Debbie van Putten

Beyoncé nails it when she criticises superficiality in this song. It’s also improved by the fact that Shaun Ross stars in it. 

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