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People come together on social media to fight hatred

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Better Society
People come together on social media to fight hatred
Source: BrightVibes

Isis may have claimed responsibility, but Parisians and the world at large won’t succumb to bigotry

Last night’s events in Paris were harrowing. Images emerging across news channels and social media showed a city enveloped in terrorism’s dark cloud. 

'Le Dessin Du Jour: L'obscurité Tombe Sur Paris' - by Carlos Latuff
‘Le Dessin Du Jour: L’obscurité Tombe Sur Paris’ – by Carlos Latuff Source: Carlos Latuff

While there were of course a few voices using the events to score their own political points, the majority of people across social media used the events as a time to pull together and create a stronger community in solidarity with the people of Paris. 

The hashtag #porteouverte was used to help those on the streets find shelter. 

“If you’re outside in Paris and have need of shelter, respond to this tweet and retweet. And use #PorteOuverte.” Source: None

This morning the backlash against Islam was stronger, with petitions already forming for the UK to close its borders until the threat from Isis has been dealt with. Luckily, these have only a small amount of support, with many realising that most Muslims don’t subscribe to or support the ideology of this hate group. 

The hashtag #TerrorismHasNoReligion has grown in response to this backlash. 

Source: Huffington Post

AJ+ have interviewed a Syrian refugee, who has reiterated the view that "it is not Islam. It is not our Islam." 

Source: AJ+

Check out more great images that have been shared across social media in response to the attacks:

Source: Upworthy
Source: Loesje
“Living on is resistance” Source: BuzzFeedq
No translation needed.
No translation needed. Source: Baudry