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Monk who turned billionaire entrepreneur now donates 99% of his fortune

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Monnik wordt $4 miljardair en geeft 99% weg.
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His sole goal; to change the world with brilliant inventions

From energy drink to sustainable energy

Chances are you’ve never heard of Manoj Bhargava before. But trust me, after seeing this video you’ll remember his name. 

The Indian immigrant – who lived as a monk for 4 years – has been living in the US since 1967 where he made his fortune. He become a billionaire with the ‘5-hour energy‘ drink with which he earned an estimated $4 billion. He recently decided to invest his money exclusively in capital intensive, useful inventions. Solutions for society’s biggest challenges like sustainable energy, clean water and our health.

Billions in Change Trailer This video has already been viewed 7 million times. Source: Billions in Change

One hour cycling = 24 hours energy

Over a billion people still do not have access to the electricity grid. That is why Mamoj invented Free Electric. By cycling for one hour, you can generate enough energy to provide one household with energy for 24 hours. The first 10.000 Free Electrics will be shipped to India in 2016.

With the Free Electric you burn calories and create clean energy.
Win-Win With the Free Electric you burn calories and create clean energy. Source: Billions in Change

Drinking seawater

The idea to turn sea water into potable water is not new. What makes the Rain Maker innovative is that they have developed a super efficient method to recycle heat-energy. Therefore, this desalination process decreases the required energy consumption dramatically.

Rainmaker Source: Billions in Change

Unlimited energy

In stead of turning at the sun as a source of sustainable energy, they aim to power the world with clean resources that are right under our feet.

Not too far below the surface of the Earth, it is hot. That heat can create enough clean energy to power the world, and help keep things cool above. Using cables made from Graphene that heat can be conducted to the surface of the Earth to run turbines and generate electricity – without burning anything.

Earth Energy Source: None

Better to prevent than to cure

They have developed a relative simple technology to stimulate the human circulatory system. Bad blood circulation is a source of many illnesses. This method is aimed at preventing illnesses rather than to fight diseases. 

Their method is called External Counterpulsation. It enhances blood flow by squeezing blood from the lower body into the core body while the heart is at rest. It is like an auxiliary heart pumping blood between heartbeats. This action increases circulation while reducing the heart’s workload. The enhanced circulation widens blood vessels causing more blood to reach all areas of the body.

It looks pretty weird, but the test results are very promising.

By squeezing your legs, the blood circulation can be stimulated.
Renew By squeezing your legs, the blood circulation can be stimulated. Source: Billions in Change

Fck the status quo

Manoj is investing massive amounts of money in projects that otherwise would get off the ground much later or not at all. A good example is the Limitless Energy project which is likely to encounter resistance from the fossil energy industry. Thanks to Manoj’s wealth these negative forces stand less chance. It is just fantastic that Manoj is ready to take such financial risks! May many billionaires follow his leed.

Feature film

Find our more about all the fascinating work they do. Watch the enticing 40 minute film about Manoj and his team on their journey to have a positive impact. The video has already been viewed over 1 million times.

Billions in Change Official FilmSource: Billions in Change
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You can join the Billions movement to change the world. Here you find more in-depth information, but you can also register as volunteer.