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Keanu Reeves Reveals Decade-Long Street Hockey Game with Strangers in Personal Discussion

Source: Governo do Estado de São Paulo

In a rare moment of sharing about his personal life, Keanu Reeves revealed on Reddit that he secretly played street hockey for 10 years with strangers he randomly met at a gas station.

Keanu Reeves reveals secret hobby

The actor, known for his kind demeanor and charitable efforts, responded to a Reddit fan’s question about a fun fact that most people probably don’t know about him, writing, “For a long time in Los Angeles when I first moved there, when I was 20 years old, it was such a new world and so I saw some guys at a gas station once who had hockey equipment in their car. They said they were playing street hockey. I asked them if I could play and they agreed. I became involved in a street hockey game that took place every weekend for over 10 years, every weekend, red versus black. We would take holidays off and sometimes summers, but the game was going on for over 10 years. That was cool to be a part of. It was a cool thing to have happened. Made some friends.”

Playing with strangers

This revelation adds another layer to the actor’s already well-known reputation for being one of the kindest and most humble celebrities in Hollywood. The fact that he was able to maintain this hobby for over a decade and even make friends through it showcases his ability to connect with others and enjoy the simple things in life.

Humble Keanu Reeves

It also emphasizes his humility, as someone of his fame and status could have easily isolated himself and not taken the time to engage in a local community activity, but instead, he chose to join in and be a part of something that brought him joy and connected him with others.

Reeves also demonstrated this openness to connecting with others in his response to other fans’ questions about interacting with fans on the street, saying “It’s always nice to say hi to folks. You know, it really depends on the moment. Sometimes you have the time to hang out, and other times you don’t. But yeah, it’s always nice to say hi.” He also shared his love of stargazing and reminisced about his favorite places in Toronto, including a hamburger joint called Licks, the grade school he used to attend, and the Bloor Street Cinema.

A glimpse into the actor’s personal life

This small glimpse into his personal life further cements the actor’s reputation as a down-to-earth and genuinely nice person. It’s always refreshing to see a celebrity who is able to maintain their humility and kindness despite their success. If you want to learn all about Keanu’s life story, make sure to read this article.

Truth bomb

A few years back, Keanu Reeves was asked the question: “What you think happens when we die? When the Colbert asked him the question, the audience was laughing. When Keanu Reeves answered, they were speechless.

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