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Jon Bon Jovi’s foundation donates half a million dollars to build homes for homeless veterans

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Source: AlliHarvey/Facebook/BonJovi

Through his JBJ Soul Foundation, Rock legend Jon Bon Jovi is helping several homeless veterans finally find a place to call home.

JBJ Soul Foundation donates $500k for new apartment facility in Washington for homeless vets

Through his JBJ Soul Foundation, Jon Bon Jovi has donated $500,000 to help build a new apartment facility in Washington, DC, for homeless veterans. His donation was revealed during an interview he did on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper. The plan for the apartment complex has been in the pipeline for ten years now, and it has finally come to fruition. The organisation will be building the complex in collaboration with nonprofit organisation Help USA — KKLZ reported.

left to deal with PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] and the issue of coming back to the workplace after leaving the battlefield…Life as you knew it is going to be different, and sometimes, people need that extra help.”” source=”YouTube/CNN” sourceUrl=””]

Proceeds earned from Bon Jovi’s latest song will be donated to the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation

Jon Bon Jovi was speaking passionately about veterans’ issues during a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, "Often times, [veterans are] left to deal with PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] and the issue of coming back to the workplace after leaving the battlefield… Life as you knew it is going to be different, and sometimes, people need that extra help." 

So his organisation  is there to lend veterans in need that little "extra help." In addition to giving several homeless vets a place to call home, the JBJ Soul Foundation and Help USA will provide different programs so as to help them get back on their own feet.

The opening of the new apartment complex coincides with the release of Bon Jovi’s latest single ‘Unbroken,’ which is featured in the documentary To Be of Service

The documentary displays the challenges and hurdles that veterans diagnosed with PTSD have overcome with the help of their service dogs. In many cases, the veterans’ service dogs have completely changed their lives. All proceeds earned from the song will be donated to the Patriotic Service Dog Foundation, a non-profit organisation that helps veterans and former first responders find loving service dogs to assist them following active duty.

This is not the first time the JBJ Soul Foundation has built homes for those in need. In the past, the organisation has opened JBJ Soul Homes, a mixed-use facility for the formerly homeless, teens aging out of foster care, and other low-income individuals. 

Sister Mary Scullion, who co-founded the project in 1989, stated, "The single most effective way to end homelessness is affordable housing. Over time, JBJ Soul Homes will give hundreds of people a permanent home with supportive services that will allow them to flourish."

Source: Upworthy

TO BE OF SERVICE is a feature-length documentary film directed about war veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) who are paired with a service dog to help them regain their lives. Returning home for these vets is often plagued with depression and a wrenching disconnect from the world they once inhabited. Family, old friends and jobs seem foreign, and newly returned warriors struggle to function and return to a normal civilian life. Service dogs offer a miraculous ray of hope in helping them come back to an independent, feeling life. The viewer learns it is the fragile life of young warriors, changed forever by combat that is the true cost of war. Source: YouTube/FirstRunFeatures
Make an Impact

3 Ways to Help Homeless Veterans

Helping homeless veterans is a great way to show your appreciation for their service. You can help homeless veterans whether you are an individual or an organisation. If you are an individual, donate food, clothing, or your professional services to veterans. If you are an organization, partner with the VA to hire homeless veterans or provide them with affordable housing.