Hair Dad: a single father with a passion for teaching other parents how to create intricate hairdos

When Greg Wickherst’s wife passed away, the doting Dad was left to bring up his daughter alone. Unable even to do her hair, Greg went to beauty school and trained to become “Hair Dad”.

‘The Hair Dad’ uses viral fame to help other dads and daughters

Greg Wickherst first gained recognition from the Huffington Post in 2015, when they did a story about his growing skills at doing his daughter’s hair. The story went viral, and that led to Wickherst creating his own Instagram page and YouTube channel where he posts photos and video tutorials. One of his most popular YouTube tutorials is how to make straw curls with almost 493,500 views.  His website brings everything together, even his own merchandise such as T-shirts and styling products.

Hair Dad: a single dad with a passion for teaching other parents how to do braids, buns, and ponytailsSource: Facebook/BrightVibes

“It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being present.” — Greg Wickerherst, The Hair Dad

Wickerherst says, “I wanted to give other dads something to look up to. So I started the Facebook page now known as The Hair Dad. Through The Hair Dad, I have made several video tutorials, inspired dads across the nation to step up their hair game, and very importantly, became friends with dads in many communities that teach their own classes. 

All of this is free. I learned for free, and I pass along what I’ve been taught. I do it because I want to help other struggling parents. This is way more than just doing hair. It’s about the bond you create with your kids. The theme I want parents to know, more than anything, is that it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being present.”

Also, check out The Hair Dad Instagram page for styling ideas, and The Hair Dad Website for tutorials, merchandise, hair care products and styling tools. 


The Single Dad Who Can Braid His Daughter’s Hair Greg bonds with his young daughter by coming up with adorable ways to style the little girl’s hair. Source: YouTube/RachaelRayShow
Straw Curls- The Hair Dad Here's a quick and easy way to get heatless curls! Source: YouTube/TheHairDad

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