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Coke bottles given a second life with these awesome add-ons

Una botella como una navaja suiza, hecha de azúcar. Cómo dices?

Want a paint brush? Just change the lid!

Each year in the United States, 50 billion plastic bottles are sold. About 80% of these are discarded immediately. Not exactly the best way to help the environment. 

Coca Cola, which has been widely criticised for it, are trying to do something. This Vietnamese campaign shows an ingenious way of reusing the bottles after they’ve been emptied (besides reusing them as water bottles). From paint brushes to water pistols, an entire industry could develop around ‘extensions’ for your Coke bottle. 

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Source: None

You may have heard that Coca Cola is quite a sugary drink

Interestingly, so is the bottle. The boffins over at Coke have devised a way to reduce the amount of oil used to produce their plastic bottles. Since 2009, a bottle of Coke consists of 30% sugar cane. During the World Expo in July, they presented a bottle that is made from 100% sugar cane material.

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This video helps you know how to sort your plastics.