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At studio ‘t Rondeel, artists with a ‘disability’ create the most beautiful drawings and paintings

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Better Society

At the Dutch Studio ‘t Rondeel, artists with a ‘disability’ create the most beautiful drawings and paintings. In a picturesque village in the Netherlands lies a special studio with talented artists. Here, they create the most beautiful and unique paintings. Watch our exclusive video above.

Outsider Art

At studio ‘t Rondeel, Outsider Art is made in the form of painting on canvas. About 15 artists with a “disability” can work there under guidance. These supervisors don’t touch the canvases, but they assist with the mixing of paint and helping them find inspiration so the artists have enough room to develop themselves. That way the artists can express their own art and can keep developing this style and it shows: all the artists have very distinctive styles that can be easily told apart.

Louis shows the progress he's made in the past fifteen years.

Louis shows the progress he’s made in the past fifteen years. Source: BrightVibes

Art Library

The artists at this studio are given enough room to develop and express themselves and try out new things. Often they will make commissioned paintings for cliënts. This is one of the ways the studio makes its money. The rest comes from the art library and the art sale. Next to the studio there’s a gallery with over a thousand paintings made by all the artists. People can either buy the art or rent it.

Rob is working hard on his latest painting

Rob is working hard on his latest painting Source: BrightVibes


In the studio, they work according to the following methods

  • Experience it: Locomotion, senses and communication are stimulated. For some people communication through speech is very hard. Painting and art offer another way to express themselves and communicate with the people and the world around them.
  • Baas (CPAS): Stands for Consciously Present and Active in Society. It’s about the artist being in control and his or her position in society.
  • Powerful and self-aware:
  • Krachtig en Zelfbewust: The focus lies on the possibilities and the strengths of the artist instead of the weaker points.
  • Active Support: The artist is challenged and stimulated to do as many daily tasks themselves.
Jacqueline shows off her divers range of paintings, often inspired by musicals or theatre.

Jacqueline shows off her diverse range of paintings, often inspired by musicals or theatre. Source: BrightVibes

This video was first published on BrightVibes Apr 26 2018.

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Outsider art

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