88-year-old father reunion with his 53-year-old-son with Down syndrome will melt your heart

An emotional reunion between an 88-year-old father and his 53-year-old son with Down syndrome has touched the hearts of many, showing the enduring love and bond between a parent and child.

Matt Cobrink, a 53-year-old man with Down Syndrome flew from his home in Los Angeles to New York for a five day trip with his sister, Janet.

A reunion to remember

53 year old Matt travelled to New York with his sister hoping to see his favourite Yankees baseball player, Aaron Judge, play.  This meant being away from his 88-year-old father, Malcolm, for the first time in decades.

The two had not been separated in years  and are very close since Matt’s mother passed away.

When the five-day trip was up, Matt’s dad was waiting at the airport to meet his son. Matt’s other sister, Marcy, 56, knew the reunion would be special, so she decided to film and share it.

When Matt came down the escalator and saw his dad at the airport, he was clearly overwhelmed with joySource: None

In just two weeks, the video has garnered 19 million views.

Many are commenting on how touched they are by the sweet interaction, but Marcy says she wasn’t surprised with the way her brother reacted.

“I expect that kind of reaction from him,” she explained. “Sometimes I won’t see him for a few days, and then I’ll go to his house or my dad will bring him over here, and he will kiss me like 20 times. He’s just really very loving and happy to see everybody.”

The video has been shared around the world and Marcy said parents of kids with Down syndrome are sharing their stories with her after seeing the video.  She hopes that those watching will see the love

Malcolm, Marcy and her sister, and Matt.

Matt with his Dad and sisters Malcolm, Marcy and her sister, and Matt. Source: Marcy Cobrink Meyer

Matt and his dad Source: Marcy Cobrink Meyer

Matt just loves #99 Aaron Judge Source: Marcy Cobrink Meyer

This article was first published on BrightVibes on 4 September 2018.

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