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When an Uber Pop drive turns into a party

When an Uber Pop drive turns into a party
Source: BrightVibes

This is by far the coolest performance of Uptown Funk.

Usually a driver takes you from A to B. And that’s it. But taking an Uber Pop ride with Jonathan Gaurano is one big party. A ride with this good-natured American is something to remember. 

It all started with this video with hit of The Weeknd. In no-time his sing-along video clocked over 890.000 views. 

We want more!

As he saw huge success with his first video, he started recording a second one. This performance of Uptown Funk is even better than the first one. Hopefully he’ll be making loads more of these "Pop till you drop" karaoke videos, as we absolutely love’m.

Mark Ronson's Uptown Funk in-car KaraokeSource: None