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What’s wrong with the media

2 min read

Better Society
What’s wrong with the media
Source: BrightVibes

Why the current media models are leaving us feeling numb and disengaged

We need a media that isn’t just free, but also good

‘We look to the media to tell us what matters, but it cares predominantly about what will excite us’. 

The media is everywhere. You can’t live in modern society without consuming its content. It’s all encompassing, and yet it doesn’t work. For too long the media has chosen stories about sex, power and celebrities because that’s what will sell. Stories about world development or schools make us yawn, says Alain de Botton. 

At BrightVibes, we’re different. We want to bring you stories that you want to share, but ones that are good. Ones that will make you smile, but will make you think. De Botton isn’t wrong when he says the media will focus on what people will click on, but that’s not to say you can’t click on something that is worth sharing. 

Stay with us, and contribute to a better media.