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What are you afraid of?

What are you afraid of?
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Join the Fearless movement and learn to face your fears.

(CNN) "From the time she was a little girl, Michelle Poler was afraid of the world. She avoided big, playful dogs, scared they might bite her. Terrified of pain, she dreaded doctor’s appointments. She missed dinner parties and events that required her to drive at night." 

Nearly 100 days ago, Michelle decided that she would embark on the ‘100 days Without Fear’ project. She would conquer her fears, and learn a bit more about herself, within these few months. 

Now, she wants to create a community for those who want to face their own fears. 

The video below shows just some of those who have joined, and their stories about how they overcame their inhibitions. 

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Join the Fearless community

Watch the video and join up!