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This stuttering comedian is totally killing it on X Factor USA.

X Factor USA gaat helemaal uit zijn dak om deze stotterende comediant.
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Such a positive guy, turning his disability into something positive.

Since Drew Lynch (23, USA) got hit by a baseball, he has been stuttering. He could not really deal with it and was full of anger and frustration. Until he realised that he could turn his disability into something positive. Thanks to his great sense of humor he learned how to deal with the stuttering. Here you see him breaking the house down during his X Factor 2015 audition. I wasn’t able to keep my eyes dry. You?

Drew LynchSource: Youtube

But Drew is not the only one who doesn’t let his physical limitations get him down. Here you see the amazing performance of Harrison Craig on the Voice Series II Australia.

Source: Youtube

This one’s a classic. Gareth Gates auditions on the first Pop Idol in the UK. Already 7 years ago…

Gareth GatesSource: Youtube
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