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This crowdfunding campaign is of live & death importance

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Better Society
This crowdfunding campaign is of live & death importance
Source: BrightVibes

There’s not enough money to support refugees. You can help.

Support the refugees

Millions of Syrians have been forced to leave their homes because of the war. A terrible tragedy. Fortunately there are organisations who support these refugees, like the UNHCR. This is the UN organisation responsible for providing help displaced people. But they have a tremendous lack of resources. Fortunately you can directly help them by donating, assisting them to meet their basic needs. So join the most important crowfunding campagne of our age.

Source: Kickstarter

Choose your contribution.

You can pick how much impact you have. For each item Kickstarter shows you the value. Seeing these numbers helps us to realise the size of the problem in terms of money that’s required. Is also serves as a reminder that what seems totally normal to us, is a luxury to others…

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Humans of New York

You probably wonder what New York has to do with this crowdfunding initiative. 

Brandon Stanton, founder of the Facebook pagina Humans of New York (15 milion followers) is the driving force behind this initiative. He already raised millions for good causes several times. And recently he has posted heartbreaking stories and portraits of refugees.

One of many stories Source: Humans of New York

Please make time to read these stories. 

We believe Brandon deserves a Nobel Price for showing us that we people – where ever we come from – have so much in common. This boosts our willingness to help one another more than anything else.

Source: Humans of New York


There is a lot of unclarity about the influx of refugees to European countries. People are not informed appropriately as media is heavily biased towards extremes. Opinions are formed based on false reporting. This all leads to one thing; fears. 

Fortunately we ran into this great animation video below. It explains why the refugees are fleeing their homes and which influence this will have on our European society. Watch it and share it. Especially with those who are led by their fears.

Already over $1M has been raised

More than 18,000 supporters from all over the world have donated over $1M within 24 hours. Of course much more is needed, but your contribution makes a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people. So… take out your creditcard and support the refugees.

Make an Impact

Support the crowdfunding

Go to and support the refugees. Take's you one minut to make a real difference.