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The hotel of Manchester United stars gets occupied… their response is unmatched [UPDATED]

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Hotel van Manchester United sterren wordt gekraakt. Hun reactie is… ongeëvenaard. [UPDATE]
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What a fantastic example set by celebrities! And now the Manchester council is following suit.

[UPDATE] The two ex Manchester United stars Neville and Giggs bought a monumental building in Manchester which will be remodelled to become a posh boutique hotel. But they have had a change of heart. The reason why? Because the building has been occupied by homeless activists (a.k.a. Manchester Angels) two weeks ago.

Wesley Hall, founder of the Manchester Angels Wesley Hall talks about the heartwarming call with Gary Neville Source: The Guardian

Plummers in stead of Riot Police

The response of the two ex soccer stars is a wonderful gesture of compassion. With the winter around the corner, they have decided to let the homeless stay in their building till it gets refurbished in Februari 2016.

In stead of calling the Riot Police, they hired plummers and electricians who have already started working to ensure the building meets the health & safety regulations.

On top of that, they will also provide them with a well balanced nutricious meal three times a week by one of Gary Nevill’s chefs.

It's slightly ironic that the homeless will stay the winter in the former Manchester Stock Exchange.
Homeless people go to Stock Exchange It’s slightly ironic that the homeless will stay the winter in the former Manchester Stock Exchange. Source: Facebook Manchester Angels


It seems to turn out as a great win-win situation. The temporary residents have a roof above their heads during the winter period. And they promised the famous owners of the building to take good care of it and will fully cooperate ones the alterations start. 

The temporary residents guarantee to take good care of it.
Monumental building The temporary residents guarantee to take good care of it. Source: Facebook Manchester Angels

Manchester council follows uit

[UPDATE] After this wonderful gesture of humanity by the ex-soccer stars, last week the Manchester Counsel has announced they will follow in Gary Neville’s footsteps – by opening up its empty buildings to rough sleepers. 

And today Wesley Hall has announced that are going to renovate as many empty properties as they can over the next 5 years… There first building will house 7 people and offer 1-2-1 ‘wrap around support’ for people with complex needs. They will be offering innovative solutions to many problems in society. You can follow their progress on social media with #pleroma. They will provide affordable housing, training, employment and enterprise. 

Source: Facebook Manchester Angels
Wesley Hall, Manchester Angels Source: Facebook Wesley Hall


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