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No better day than Peace Day to rap the story of Mahatma Gandhi.

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No better day than Peace Day to rap the story of Mahatma Gandhi.
Source: BrightVibes

No boring history lessons here. We say it with a rap.

Be the change you want to see

There are loads of songs inspired by Martin Luther King Jr, but this rap – a tribute to Gandhi – is pretty cool.

Word! If you want to change the world, change yourself. Source: None

Gandhi achieved the impossible through the use of peaceful resistance. You would never imagine that he was inspired by Tolstoi, and that he actually was an anarchistic pacifist, a spiritual warrior. In India he proved that fighting fire with fire, is not the way forward. 

Source: None

But his greatness and his legacy go much further than that. His pacifistic philosophy and exemplary behaviour remains an inspiration today. He shows we’re all instruments of change and that mankind can achieve great things when it fights for a legitimate cause.

Better times than we think

Despite the horrible conflicts in Syria, Iraq and other places, we actually live in a relatively safe world with less deadly war victims since decades. As we get bombarded with war and other miserable stories, it’s easy to forget that humankind is not evil by nature and that conflicts can be resolved. 

The graph underneath illustrates this clearly. 

Source: The Fallen of World War

Be the change

You too can contribute to positive change. Every act of peace, no matter how big or small, helps. 

So don’t wait for the change to ‘happen’, but be the change you want to see.

It’s up to us Source: None
Make an Impact

Support refugees UNHCR

The UNHCR does all it can to help refugees who fled for war. They are desperate to give support to the millions displaced. So if you can spare something... thanks!