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New technology means solar energy will help cool down the earth

Nueva tecnología: la energía solar ayudará a enfriar la tierra

Breakthrough makes solar panels 40% more efficient and cheaper

In one hour, the sun produces enough energy to supply a year’s worth of energy for the entire globe. 

Of course, at the moment we cannot access that energy, due to inefficient technologies. However, innovations in solar panel technology means that now the cost of solar panels has declined by 75%, making them so much more cost effective.

SolarCity, the renewables company founded by the famous Tesla boss Elon Musk, has just announced that it has developed a new technology that allows solar panels to be 30-40% more efficient, while bringing down production costs.

How the company have managed to so drastically improve solar technologies is unknown, but it is great news for homeowners considering buying solar panels. 

Over $100 billion has been invested in the solar panels market this year.
Over $100 billion has been invested in the solar panels market this year. Source: SolarCity

Thanks to their new pricing model, SolarCity allow people with lower incomes to invest in the technologies for their homes, too.

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Through the use of carbon nanotubes, the Georgia Institute of Technology has implemented a new technological breakthrough. Ultimately, this invention can lead to a 50% increase in efficiency while the cost will decrease tenfold. 

Check out the video below! 

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