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Meet the charity teaching kids in a pirate ship

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Meet the charity teaching kids in a pirate ship
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Their shop comes complete with an underwater cave and a ship’s cat

Hackney Pirates are a charity based in (no surprises for guessing) Hackney, London. They help children with their literacy and confidence, particularly those aged 9-12 who have been identified by their teachers as in need of a little bit of extra help. 

The charity’s unique learning environment allows the Young Pirates to head to the Ship of Adventures for lessons, games and activities. 

Hackney Pirates focus on targeted reading programmes, and also have publishing projects where the kids are able to work with professional artists to produce their own books, CDs and websites. 

Check out what it means to the kids involvedSource: Hackney Pirates

The activities are not your run of the mill literacy programme. Sometimes, schools aren’t enough. And these programmes are a great help to those who need something else. 

Source: Hackney Pirates
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They have a shop where you can help support the scheme