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Four must-see stories that show the way how to respond to ISIS

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Better Society
Four must-see stories that show the way how to respond to ISIS
Source: BrightVibes

The first video explains how we should respond, the other 3 are amazing examples of people doing just that.

Before you think we’re just a bunch of naive hippies, let me start by saying that ISIS (and all other extremists) need to be completely ruled out. They are sick bastards. But it is of the greatest importance that we do not respond with blind hate & violence or stigmatise & reject Muslims.

So how should we respond? Watch the video below for the answer. 

ISIS is weakSource: Facebook the Project

We beat ISIS when #hatewontwin

To summarise, here are his key points:

  1. ISIS is actually weakening 
  2. They believe in a ‘holy war’ between muslims and non-muslims
  3. ISIS wants to divide us and ignite WW III
  4. They love claiming all terrorist attacks as they want us to be afraid of their ‘genius evil power’, also if they are not the ‘mastermind’ behind a terrorist attack
  5. They hope the attacks in Paris will be answered by hate & violence against Muslims in Europe. They expect that this will drive Muslims into the arms of their ‘holy army’
  6. Our response should be preaching love, we should unite and stand as one. That is the most effective way for us citizens to prevent ISIS from getting what they want, which is dividing us into two camps. We need to make sure that #hatewontwin 

We have heard about attacks against Muslims as retaliation for the Paris attacks. There are governments that want to close their borders for refugees. That is not the way forward. Fortunately today we have seen 3 wonderful signs of love from Parisians.

Eye for an eye leaves the world blind

Among the messages of solidarity for Paris, there’s been one message of defiance that has stood out. Antoine Leiris lost his wife in the Bataclan club. On Monday, he posted a message on Facebook. This is what he said.

Tribute to his murdered wife and message to the terrorists. He does not give the terrorists the gift of hating. Source: ITV News
The young father who works a radio journalist, who lost his wife during the terrorist attack Friday last in Paris.
Antoine Leiris The young father who works a radio journalist, who lost his wife during the terrorist attack Friday last in Paris. Source: Facebook Antoine Leiris

I’m Muslim. If you trust me, hug me

An unknown man in Paris today hugged hundreds of Parisians. He had sign that said ‘I am a Mulim. Do you trust me, cause I trust you.‘ It was a very heartwarming, emotional scene with people shedding tears. 

Powerful message The video has already been viewed over 6M times. Hopefully it contributes to living together as one people. Source: Facebook Inthenow

Kids are the best teachers

What a beautiful interview this is with a Parisian father and his little boy. His father explains to his son he should not be afraid. And in stead of answering with hate, they answer with candles & flowers. 

'The flowers and the candles are here to protect us'. Source: Le Petit Journal

I think we all need to watch these images regularly to remind us of the strength of the human spirit.

To avoid misunderstanding; ISIS and other extremists are like a cancer that needs to be cut out from society. Force will be necessary. But we need to apply it highly selectively and make sure that the 99,99% of the population does pay the prize for the 0,01%

As Lenny Krevitz would say; we got to let love rule!

Please share this story with a many people as possible. It matters and it’s a message of hope. People like that 😉

Lenny Krevitz Let Love Rule Source: None
So true Source: None
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